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Learning Together IncOur play-based curriculum is responsive to the individual differences for children with and without special needs, and is aligned with the New York State Prekindergarten Foundation for the Common Core. Programming and curriculum incorporate each student’s goals, objectives and developmental levels. Learning Together provides carefully planned activities geared toward helping students develop foundational skills in language, communication and literacy, mathematical thinking and operations, scientific reasoning and exploration, as well as play, socialization, and problem solving.

Learning Together IncOur child centered classrooms are well supplied with early childhood materials attractive to very young children for play and learning. With carefully selected toys, books and activities that are featured in various areas in the classrooms called “centers” the teachers promote the academic development of our children. Careful implementation of group activities which are cooperative in nature, as well as structuring of the classroom environment promote interaction between children. Activities and pre-academic tasks are constructive, open-ended, hands-on and collaborative. Students work within the cooperative learning model in learning centers and experience direct instruction in both full class and small group dynamics.

A strong emphasis is placed on social skill development, which is the developmental outcome most likely to lead to success in the early school years. The daily schedule includes activities that develop language and effective social skills, as well as small and large muscle motor tasks and self-help skills, which will be practiced each day. Our classrooms have a sensory diet embedded in the daily schedule to allow for an increased level of organization and help promote a greater “readiness” for students to be more successful when engaging in learning opportunities throughout the school day.
Learning Together IncThe children of Learning Together learn in a climate of respect, dignity, safety and concern for all. Students are given clear guidelines and expectations for appropriate behavior and opportunities to learn and practice the skills necessary to communicate, interact and resolve conflict in positive ways. The administration responds to all problem behavior in a fair, consistent manner with respect for individual rights and needs. Learning Together uses a positive approach to addressing social & behavioral issues.

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