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Family Involvement

Family Involvement

Learning Together IncLearning Together provides a flexible and ongoing system of family involvement, as parents & guardians help to make decisions in partnership with staff and program coordinators, as well as receive information about their child’s progress from teachers and related service providers during parent teacher conferences.

In addition, daily communication is facilitated through a communication notebook provided for all students. This notebook goes home daily and provides a means for the parent to communicate with the staff regarding any concerns or questions they may have. Parents are also encouraged to call to request a conference to discuss any matters of concern.

In addition, a monthly news letter and classroom schedule is sent home, containing pertinent information regarding the classrooms activities, along with useful information regarding child development. We also have parent participation and grandparent participation days as well as monthly parent support groups, coordinated by our Licensed Social Worker, providing parents with a clear channel of communication to address their concerns.

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